Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where has the week gone?

The weeks are gonig by so fast at the moment. It feels like Tuesday but in fact it is Friday and the weekend is upon us once again. As I type, Mum and Richard are on their way here for another 2 days of fun and frivolity in the form of farm renovations. The place will be completely different come Monday.

Marty and I spent all day away from the house. We needed to go to Waipuk (I tried to go yesterday but my mission was thwarted by the car not starting) to pay off a vet bill and stock up on a few things but we got waylaid droppig off a cactus to Robyn and having tea and a tour of his amazing garden (with a bit of pig canoodling thrown in) and before we knew it the afternoon had snuck up on us and the day was looking long.

We got to Waipuk, paid the bill and set off on our supply hunting. Mitre 10 bought us more joy in the form of one of their workers who was hilarious. I was actually crying with laughter. He apparetly had a lot of experience building chicken coops so had a lot of information to pass on. He sent us up to an engineering place in search of 'flashing' for the nesting boxes but it turned out to be a bit of a wild goose chase so we had to head back to a plumbing place where we changed our mind and didn't end up getting anything.

We got some food, fixed the brake light on the car and started the journey home. By the time we got here it was almost 4pm and I had semi committed myself to making muffins (bananas needed to be used), bread (we had none) and soup (capsicums and pumpkin needed to be used) and Marty had started making lemon cordial a few days ago (one of the few items put on hold by the car dilemma yesterday) so had to finish that off. It is now 7pm and the bread still needs to go in the oven. Better get onto that.

Ok, I don't think the bread will turn out very well. It doesn't seem to be rising as it should. Hmm... not sure what I did wrong.

Yesterday I managed to get all the onions in. Way too many for us to get through on our own so we may be sending some off to other locations.

The weather has packed in again so I think there are pies on the menu again for tomorrow. I've been getting into the baking and cooking recently. We picked some of our own rocket and silverbeet last night (really the only 2 things that are growing in the aviary at the moment) and had them for dinner. Yum yum. It is so nbice eating home grown stuff.

Marty and I went for a really good ride on Monday. Down Ellison Rd, along Bergeson and then back over our neighbours land. It was awesome. The horses adored getting out into the country - Dino went crazy trying to gallop the whole way - and it was really nice for us as well because we haven't been over the hills on them before so it was a new experience for us all.

Anyway, I'm exhausted now. Going to watch Back to the Future and then it's the opening of the Olymics which should be interesting. The equestrian is all on this weekend so I'm super excited about that. I'm so happy Mark Todd is back. I can't wait.


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