Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best summer ever

2013 has been spectacular so far.  I am loving this summer.  The weather has been unbelievable (we're officially in a drought at the moment and we're about to run out of water at the farm but I am not complaining after last year!!  I have spent a huge amount of time with my bestest friends and celebrated some wonderful milestones with them all.  And it's not over yet.  

First up Emm and Andy got married on 16th Feb.  We were all bridesmaids and heavily involved in the planning of the wedding although the bride herself did most of it! 

They got married officially the day before because their preferred celebrant, my mother, is not actually qualified to perform that service legally so they just pretended on the actual day.  Here they are officially getting married.....

The next day we all converged on their newly purchased house and had our hair and makeup done, had a glass of bubbles, got dressed, sorted the flowers for the flower girl, plated food and had a relatively stress-free time.

Then we all got to the venue, the Begonia House in the Botanic Gardens, reliased mum didn't have the vows, silently panicked (bride and groom had NO idea, of course!) but it all worked out in the end.  Vows were transcribed and the wedding went ahead.  Awwwww....


Cake cutting...

Rosie came over for it!

Then a fortnight later Jen got admitted to the bar.  Doesn't she look spiffy?!

We had a 'Legal/Illegal' themed party for her.  She, of course, was a judge.  Pete came as 'evidence', I was David Bain, Emm was a fashion crime and Andy was a policeman... there were others as well, cat burglars, prisoners etc.  Good times :)

Not nearly as exciting but still pleasant was a walk that the dog and I went on yesterday.  Not much of a walk but it was just the perfect evening.



We have Katie Kershaw and Tony's wedding this weekend in Ashley Clinton and Pete and Rach are getting married in Waikanae on the 30th March so knots are still being tied this year.  Other than that things will start to calm down a bit now.  This weekend is actually only the 2nd weekend this year that I will be at home.  Then next weekend I will also be at home and have nothing  to do.  Can't wait!

In between all of these weddings and celebrations we have had a HUGE amount of produce this year.  I think I mentioned the 36kg of raspberries that we harvested.  Plus tonnes of zucchini, cucumbers (normal and mini), beans, pumpkins (first time really!), spinach and potatoes.  So in the evenings I have been preserving my little heart out.  We have so many jars of raspberry jam, zucchini relish and gherkins.  I've given away quite a lot and also sold a few things. I also bought (because I am a sucker for punishment) 8kgs of tomatoes to turn into 2 different kinds of tomato chilli jam.  They worked well but I'm a little unsure about one of them due to a fish sauce issue which I won't explain in detail.  Needless to say I may need to buy more tomatoes ad make another batch.  Here's some jam

Ok, off to the office.  It's freezing in this cafe.