Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello? Summer? Is that you? ... oh, no, just winter in summer clothing

Well, it seems that Makaretu has decided that summer is a no go. Instead we have been thrust into Autumn weather already. The place is underwater and we may need to provide SCUBA gear for the animals.

Mushrooms are popping up already, we haven't had to fill up a trough in a month and we've had the fire going (for atmosphere rather than cold). What has happened? I haven't even contemplated a swim this season. Not even the fainest though of a sunbathe.

The grass and veges are having a riotous time and thriving in the damp and heat, however. Although the tomatoes are now covered with some sort of mouldy/fungusy thing which is upsetting. The things that are doing the best, of course, are the thistles. Tigger is on thistle eating duty at the moment. The sheep are no use at all and prefer to roll in biddy-bids and rose cuttings which we then have to remove by hand. Rambo doesn't like the feeling of the wool pulling on her skin so she takes off as soon as you touch her. Moose is more placid and is desperate to get the itchy things out.

The pigs have been set free in the shed paddock (and the garden unintentionally). The first day of freedom was about a week ago. We didn't let them out but they managed to escape from their pen. I got home to find them rummaging through a bag of thawed food that we had removed from the freezer. They had spread squid, rotten jerusalem artichokes and unidentifiable things all over the lawn. Things that had turned to mush and smelled TERRIBLE. As soon as I removed the pigs from the garden the chickens took over - not to mention the dog who happily hoovered up the remaining squid. It was not a pleasant event.

Eva and Gasper have now departed for the last time and will be sorely missed. They are heading to Auckland, then to Aus and then home. Home may have become Spain though. We will have to visit them some day.

Anyway, work beckons so I better go but I may have some free time tomorrow to finish this off. No photos unfortunately as everything is at home while I am in Napier for 3 days. I will add some from the festive season soon.

Bye :)