Saturday, August 9, 2008

7 tuis in a tree lucerne (to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas)

The tuis are ridiculous. They do no work and instead chase each other aimlessly through the trees squawking dramatically. It's really quite amusing. 7 tuis in a tiny tree.

Anyway, it has been rather cold here today. In fact, it snowed. Actual snow on the farm. It didn't linger but was very pretty to see it sprinkling down upon the land in full sunlight. It is quite a surreal feeling standing in a paddock and watching the snowflakes fall like tiny bits of fluff from the heavens. Still, we got a lot of work done.

I was kicked off my post of chicken coop duty with Richard as my replacement so I sauntered between the garden and supervision of the aformentioned coop. My chickens will have no less than the best! But, Mum got to work on the various large trees that we scattering the driveway - flowering cherries, 'Compassion' rose and 2 Lemon Lodge rhodos - and also spreading a few large clumps of dahlias around the garden. In my 'garden' time, I started getting some of the herbs we bought on Monday into the ground/pots. Thyme, oregano, mint and white alpine strawberries are now happy getting their feet wet in their new home.

When it started snowing I brought the horses back up to the shed paddock to put their under rugs on but as soon as we got there the sun came out so I left them there, even toying with the idea of taking thier covers off altogether. Luckliy I didn't because as soon as I left it started snowing again. It can be very deceptive here. The boys were happy to be back in their old haunt and galloped a few laps - I'm sure they were playing a game of tag - before stopping on the 'road run' and peering at me through the leggy trees. They are so funny. I just love them to bits!

As for the first day of the Olympics, I am unimpressed with TVNZ and their lack of information about what is being shown. I even rang them to ask for any clue as to what was possibly on in the 6 hour blocks they have between news items. They told me to 'just watch it'. Ok, 12 hours in front of the tv. Cool. Just might get a glimpse of something interesting. All I want to see is Mark Todd. I love him. Good on the rowers though. We are doing quite well. Still not a fan of the Evers-Swindell twins though.

People are off to bed now. I can't believe it, they are leaving before the equestrian. What are they thinking. It is the only really exciting thing in the Olympics other than the gymnastics in which there are no NZ competitors.

Ok, time to go. Hopefully (although no guarantee) the equestrian will be on sometime in the next 6 hours so must watch consistently until it is. Must get the matchsticks under my eyelids. I will not miss it. I missed Mark Todd on Gandalf and Heelan Tompkins on Sugoi this morning in the dressage so I want to see the rest of the team at least. But the most exciting thigs are yet to come -show jumping and cross country. Cross country particularly. Oh god I can't wait!

Bye :)

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