Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Return of the Slack

So tired... this will just be a quick post.

Thought seeing as it has been over a month since I posted that I should at least put up some photos. I can't even remember what has happened since I last wrote. I know that I have been travelling a lot (for work and social arrangements). Hamilton, Wellington twice, Auckland, Napier a lot and I think Wellington a few more times. A lot of it has been overland which makes it all the longer. Whine, whine.

This week is Horse of the Year up in Hastings which I was hoping to get to (will go this weekend but I wanted to see more of it) but seeing as my study has been neglected quite severely in the past few weeks I have had to tie myself to a chair and knuckle down. I think I am getting my head around it slowly but monosaccharides, stereoisomerisms and the electronegitivity of molecules is really not my forte. I will struggle onwards.
Ok, photos have uploaded and it's time for me to go to bed. More study, a ride and a trip to Waipuk are on the to do list tomorrow.

Marty did a gig at the open mic night at the Paper Mulberry and it went down really well. There were people asking for an encore. Unfortunately his guitar strap broke in the last line of the first song so he had to wing it a bit but he pulled it off well :)

Graeme has, and still is gracing us with his presence before he gallavants back off to South America at the end of the month. Here he is depicted with a giant mushroom that he and Marty found at the top of Maire Hill.

The pheasants (Rex in picture) have now been released and even ate out of Marty's hand today. It is nice that they have stayed around and are becoming friendlier. They were in the aviary fro quite a while where they consumed all our chillis and most of the cabbages. Now they can just eat grass and Pro-Lay pellets.

Dog has become a complete contortionist and is found regularly in positions such as the one above. He also enjoys lying across your shoulders on the sofa and sleeping inside our Pollock table. He is quite amusing.

Ok, bed is calling

Night :)