Thursday, September 24, 2009

I jinxed it...

So much for Spring. Today we have been engulfed by a massive snow storm. At least a few inches fell (the heaviest dump in quite some time, it seems) and it has blanketed everything. Very beautiful but bloody freezing! Obviously my last post jinxed spring. The weather has been immaculate for the last few weeks and then BAM, snow. The dog loved every minute of it and did his stupid run around the garden many times. We have a little miniture horse of Vicki and Hamish's at the moment. Her name is Lilly. She was shivering from the cold this afternoon so I hope she's ok tonight. She doesn't have a cover but she and Tigger are now in the shed paddock so they should have plenty of shelter and we have been feeding them hay all day. Marley and Spencer couldn't care less about the snow. Spence was bounding around in it.

Tigger and Lilly

Staking the kaka beak that had toppled from the weight of the snow

Our little lambies, Rambo (in front) and Moose

Marty skiing in the paddock

The driveway blocked by snow-laden trees

And... The View

We decided to go for a ski/toboggan in the paddock behind the sheds which was cool. Could hardly feel my fingers but it was worth it. A few trees have come dowm as well just from the sheer weight of the snow so we'll have to deal to them next week.

Marty and I are off to Waipatiki tomorrow for the weekend while mum hosts her Bollywood party. I'm quite glad to be escaping really! We're going to a beach farm park and hopefully the weather will hold out enough for us to get some fishing in. And if it's nice we might one day take the horses as well. Will wait and see about that one.

I've had a few riding lessons recently on both Brother and Dino. It's almost killed me but I'm happy to be getting Brother going again. He's been really grumpy recently for some reason. I think the spring grass affects him quite badly. Dino also has been very nervy for the same reason I think.

Our little lambies are growing rapidly although Moose (who I'm trying not to get too attached to and therefore is just being called Newbie for the time being) has had a few issues from day one. She was quite weak when she first arrived apparently (I was in Wellington at the time) and since then has been really up and down. She now has difficulty getting up on her own (although she did it all by herself this evening! Yay!) and can't really walk. She can take a few tiny little shuffled steps but then she just faceplants into the ground. Poor thing. But she is improving slowly and I'm not giving up on her yet.

Rambo, on the other hand, is exactly like Marley was at her age. She's a little rascal and is into everything. They're both outside most of the time but because the weather has been so cold and Moose is so weak they have been coming inside at night (much to the dog's delight as that means he gets to sleep in our bed!).

Rambo and Mono

Anyway, we need to start dinner... it's already 8pm and we haven't even started.


K :)