Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, almost! It certainly feels like it is just around the corner - little lambo rambos are bounding through paddocks, the daffodils have popped their heads out to greet the sun and our garden is slowly coming back to life after a long period of hibernation. The early rhodos and camellias are out and I've just noticed the big magnolia has put its first 2 flowers on show. Sson we'll have our own little lambies and the birds will start breeding (hint, hint, pheasants!).

Speaking of pheasants, Marty almost ran over our old Ringnecks that ran away. They have made a new home down by the marae. Rex I is looking beautiful and even has Asterix wing things on his head. It's good to know they are still alive, athough apparently their road sense is not so good so they may not be alive for long...

Anyway, we went to the beach a while ago which was fun. The dog got over excited and started frothing around his nose from sniffing too many things...

Marty went for a surf while I took photos of rocks and pieces of wood....

We are thinking of going back to collect that piece of wood to use as some sort of sculpture on the farm. It was pretty spectacular but it is huge and probably water-logged making it impossible to move. We'll see.

I also spent a weekend in Wellington while Rosie was over. I did get some photos but they are on my old film SLR and I haven't got around to scanning them so diddums. You'll just have to wait. The ones of that weekend aren't actually that good because it was too dark but there was a nice one of Dogman and also some old ones of Berni and Graeme in Rotorua and on the Desert Road. They must have been from years ago. It's so exciting getting films back!

While I was away Marty went on a music bus from Waipuk to Napier to play music at the Cabana Bar. He met some old musos and had a great time. I was sad to have missed it but it was good to see Rosie. And I was able to give Jen a hand moving into her new flat.

And a while ago we were invited to Sherwood School's play, Amazon Antics, which had Joe and Rata performing in it. It was pretty cute and they even had a sloth in it! Joe was a philodendron and Rata, a ladybird. Both did a great job but I think they were a bit stunned by it all... Rata was surprisingly quiet afterwards...

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me and will be in Wellington most of the time. It seems all the interpreters down there have taken off overseas at the same time. Oh well. Good for the money.

I have made some progress with Tigger recently and yesterday I finally got a halter on her and led her a few steps. Then this morning we moved her and Heidi in the the paddock behind the sheds (leading her all the way) and the runway so we can give the golf course a bit of a rest. And we're going to shift Dice and Flicker around soon so we can get some paddocks in good shape for spring. Very pleased to have finally got a a halter on her. Most of the time we need food though to get her to do anything. But we're trying to break that habit. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

Ok, I'm tired now. Think I will go and give the boys a bit of a groom seeing as it is a nice day and they have thier covers off.

Right, ciao!

K :)