Sunday, July 26, 2009

The week in photos

It's been a blustery couple of weeks as you can see from that video. The chickens don't stand much chance in wind like that! Thankfully we haven't lost many trees - nothing like last year's 13 that came down within a couple of days - and the greenhouse has remained intact (well, as intact as it has been for the past year!).

Over the past few days things have been looking up. 2 days of sunshine have dried some of the lakes that have been forming in the paddocks and has meant that the horses have had some cover-free time. They were so content today they had a lie down.

Nicki and Jordan came to visit just before the wind started so they got to play with the animals and get their hands dirty in the garden!

Poor McMunkles was highly peturbed when the sofas were dismantled for re-covering. They temporarily became a pile of cushions and he wasn't sure what to do...

He did find that Marty made for quite a comfortable seat though....

One night Marty decide all of a sudden to make creme brulee for dessert and ended up with a few egg whites left over so we made the cutest little treats ever - meringue ghosts! Oh so cute...

Anyway, Marty's terrible movie, Iron Man, has finally finished so I am going to go but I will leave you with some of Dino's many facial expressions. Well, actually, he's just yawning :)

K :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sorry, sorry.... I'm back

Uh oh... 4 months since my last post! That is terrible. I am deeply apologetic. So much has happened so I might just have to put up a few choice photos with captions as a summary. It's a pity that I can only upload 5 photos at a time as this will take forever.

Anyway, we went to the Horse of the Year and loaded up on some horsey goodies (well, rider goodies mainly!) and fenced judged at the top x-country event. We were way out of our league but there were no disasters on our fences so no dire consequences. The jumps were ENORMOUS though at both the x-country and the showjumping. Unbelievable!

We also went to Awaroa for Easter which was fantastic. I haven't been down there for so long... 5 years or so... but nothing has changed. It's still as beautiful as ever - and just as chaotic! But the bloody marys were great and a lot of fun was had

Our little Monito is not so -ito anymore. He has grown into a lovely big, leggy black dog with a super shiny coat due to a healthy diet of Eukanuba biscuits and various dead things. He's a very happy dog and is still getting himself into some odd positions.

Marley and Spencer are big and woolly again and still as demanding as ever. I think Marley has a bit of an identity crisis this time thinking she is a goat. She has started having head-butting wars with the Eidel and Fungus and even taking on Jed and Sid who are now the same size as their mums.

Winter has certainly arrived and we've had a couple of days of snow. But in the beginning it was just a bit frosty. Heidi and Flicker, 2 horses that are grazing with us, have definitely got their full winter coats. Here's Heidi in her frosty paddock....

And a frosty thistle :)

The boys have been keeping themselves warm by stuffing hay into their mouths. Brother is expanding his tastes and has recently tried cider and coffee both of which he quite enjoyed!

We went to a french party a while ago and dressed up in berets and lots of stripes. Mono became Monet for the day and donned a stripy bandana... he did look the part.

Brother has started to accept being ridden again so that's a huge breakthrough! Note the protective clothing though. I haven't been able to ride him in the past few weeks due to uni and work commitments but soon... hopefully. I took Dino for his first ride in ages yesterday as well and he played up a bit due to the lack of attention.

Mono has had his first experience with snow. He didn't really know what to make of it... trying to bite the snowflakes out of the air. It was quite funny!

And, some hugely exciting things that have happened are that we rescued some battery hens that were set to be slaughtered and I dropped a whole lot off to other people as well. I ended up with 20 chickens in banana boxes shoved in the back of the familia and drove for an hour only to wander round in high heels in a paddock in the pitch black unloading them at the other end. But they are all happy (minus one of Tish's who was overly enthusiastic about a bowl of water... poor thing).

AND.... we have a new foal named Tigger. She is so gorgeous! 6 months old and becoming friendlier by the day. She hadn't been handled at all until she came here so she's a blank slate. So cute!

Anyway, I have to go. Nicki and Jordan are coming to visit and our sofas have been competely dismantled in order to carry on with the re-covering that was started a year ago.

Just a few extra photos to end the post :)

I will try and keep on top of this blog more... can't promise anything though!

K :)