Tuesday, September 9, 2008


For some reason I couldn't upload either of the videos we took of Marley. I don't know why. I might have to try another time.

She is so funny and not very sheep-like at the moment. She doesn't like walking on grass instead preferring to walk along the concrete paths around the garden and then galloping across the lawns to get to the next unvegetated spot. Then she stands there bleating until she gets too worried standing on her own and gallops after us again.

She's taken quite a liking to standing on the deck and literally smelling the roses and also has a fascination with the water tank in the back paddock. The chickens don't like her at all and Rita rounds up her brood and shuffles them under the gate very quickly whenever Marley is around.

She spent all day with the neighbours (her original owners) where Marty is working now. I had to go to work and she needed her lunchtime feed. She had the opportunity to hang out with Dennis (their ewe) and her twins so hopefully she learned something sheepish from them. And she now thinks that their goat, Gretel, is her mother.

On the agenda for tomorrow is a much needed horse ride - the poor boys have been a bit neglected recently but were incredibly curious about Marley when we introduced them . Also some weeding in the aviary and some plantingout of seedlings from the greenhouse. We still haven't picked up the quince or almond tree from Gibbs so we should do that (we bought them AGES ago) and various things that need to be posted. And we need to plant the chestnut tree.

More pictures to come :)

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