Sunday, September 21, 2008

So close to summer

It really felt like the cold weather is on it's way out today. We had the most perfect, hot, sunny day and to celebrate we did very little work. Our neighbours came over with their kids and had a cup of tea and scones which was nice. We went for a walk all over the property, fed the horses and the kids chased the chickens around the garden. They have said they may be able to get us another lamb as a friend for Marley. She's been trying to make friends and play with the chickens but they have other ideas. The thought of a fast growing lamb pouncing on them doesn't appeal, me thinks.

A few days ago Marty got some good photos or Rita and the chicks. the chicks have taken to perching in the magnolia tree but when they get too tired they still scurry under mum. However, they are much bigger than they used to be so there is a bit of competition for space under there. Usually there are little heads poking out everywhere but when they do all fit, Rita looks like she's gained a few pounds.

On our relaxed journeys around the ever-changing garden today Marty found our newest tulip growing by the front steps next to the daphne. It's an amazing colour! I love tulips anyway but this one is really spectacular.
We're off to Auckland tomorrow for Marty's graduation so the boys and girls will be on their own for a few days. I'm sure they'll survive. The chickens aren't going to be happy being cooped up the whole time but we'll stock them up with food and water and we'll be back before they know it. Lambie is off to play with Dennis and her lambs next door so that will be very good for her. She's getting better at being tethered but still doesn't like it much. At least she's not trying to strangle herself with the rope anymore.

I can imagine that by the time we get back our aviary will be completely overgrown and uncontrollable. Particularly with the raspberries that are popping up all over the place. I planted another lot of basil and lettuce so, who knows, maybe they'll be sprouting. We have to be careful of things in the greenhouse now because it is getting too hot.

We did a bit of work with the horses today but I think Brother's shoulder is still sore. He was quite sensitive yesterday when I was checking it out. I called an equine therapist but they are away so will call them next week to get him looked at. It's been a while since he tripped so I want to get it sorted soon. Dino decided he didn't want to be caught today and trotted around the paddock for ages. I decided to go all Natural-Horsemanship on him and just stood there in the paddock looking unthreatening until he came over to me. It's quite amazing how well they respond to things like that. I want to do more with him. And Brother is doing well with the lunging which is good too.

I haven't started packing for this trip tomorrow so I should get onto that :)

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anna said...

Love the photos (and words) - Sheila's worried about the lambs being on the bed when they are fully grown!

Great weekend - hope you are recovering - I did find that 2 hours of squatting made my knees creak for a while. Angus and margot said they absolutely loved being at Makaretu and Sherry said DIVINE! lOVE mUM