Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back from the big city

I spent a night up in Napier for work on Wednesday. I got back yesterday afternoon and it felt like I'd been away for ages. Marley is big, the chicks are big, the broad bean in the aviary has tripled in size and an onion has sprouted.

Marty made me a lovely dinner though when I got back complete with raspberry chocolate mousse/ice cream. Mmm

It's very cold at the moment. The horses are coverless and soggy and Brother is determined to break down our temporary fence to eat the poisonous rhodos. I think we'll have to move them again soon so we can burn our growing pile to the ground and start again.

One of the chickens, Dinky, is eating out of our hands now and Babi will be doing the same soon. Blanche still keeps a good distance and Rita is too preoccupied with the chicks. They'll be on their own soon though, we caught Rita teaching them how to perch the other day and they're becoming very independent.

Dinky (left) and Babi having a snack

Marley is getting sneakier by the day. We have had to lamb proof the kitchen, living room and deck to keep her away from the fire and flowers but she's developing strategies to get around these things. She has just realised that if there is a chair lying on its side by the sofas she can jump ONTO the sofas and get around it that way. She does a little lap onto the sofa, off the sofa, around the fire, onto the other sofa and off again (sometimes). She has taken a fancy to another chair in the living room as well.

Marley and I having a snooze by the fire

Apparently yesterday she was hanging out with the chickens in the garden for quite a while so soon enough she will think she is one of them and start digging around plants. But, as you can see, she still spends the majority of her time sleeping and eating.

Marley sleeping on Marty

The weather hasn't been so good for a few days. Our streak of summer weather has disappeared unfortunately. Some of the seedlings weren't looking so happy about the temperature so they has gone back to the greenhouse to recuperate until the sun shows it's face again. And I'm going to stay inside until then too...

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