Friday, September 26, 2008

Rascals in sheep's clothing

We were given another little lambie yesterday. She is tiny! 5 days old and her name is Gizmo. She looks like the evil gremlin from the movie. She's a black face but looks more like she's had a really good roll in mud at the moment. Her knees and feet are disproportionately large for her tiny little body and she's pretty unbalanced at the moment. She's also quite scared of us and is a menace to catch most of the time. She and Marley-Moo are getting along well although Marley thinks the new addition is much more interesting than us so ignores us completely most of the time. All our hard work with training her has gone out the window.

Marty wanted it to be a surprise when I got home from work but Mum let the sheep out of the bag when she called and asked me to buy another teat on my way home. Gizmo is much smaller than Marley was when we got her even though she was the same age. I'm sure with 5 feeds a day she will be full grown before we know it!

We did a road trip up to Auckland on Monday for Marty's graduation. We dumped Marley with the neighbours and stocked the others up with plenty of food and told them we'd be back soon.

Graduation was good. Marty made it across the stage without falling on his face which is always a bonus. In fact, everyone managed to stay upright. It would have been quite amusing had someone fallen over but alas it was not to be.

Marty's parents very kindly put us up at Sky City so we had a night in luxury and finally got to go up the Sky Tower (4 years of living in Auckland and we go up there when we go for a holiday!).

We had some drinks at Starks and invited everyone down. It was difficult because it was a school night so a few people couldn't make it but it was good to catch up with the night owls up there.

Wednesday morning we headed back to the farm after a few stops in Hamilton (stocked up on bargains at Save Mart!) and Havelock to drop off shoes. We found Marley in the dark in the neighbours paddock at the kids had left us a note and a drawing because they were off at a fancy dress party when we arrived. Marley came running over to us when she heard us calling. But she had been hanging out with Dennis' lambs and had actually been acting like a sheep and eating grass. Very happy about that. She's been outside more since we got back and now that we have Gizmo, they can go into the shed paddock and be sheepy. I still worry about the rhodos though.

Also, the puriri moths have arrived back. They all flung themselves onto the deck the other night and haven't bothered to leave (possibly because they are all dead now). I will give you some interesting facts about them next time.

Marty and Angus have gone fishing in the river. I highly doubt they will catch anything but who knows.

Anyway, lunch is ready so I better go


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