Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two posts in two days! It has to be some sort of record!

Well, we're slowly getting back into the muesli making. There is a new shop in Dannevegas opening soon which will be for locally made goodies. We're going to sell muesli, cordials and jams among other things. I'm also hoping to start making a few hampers like the one we made for Weazle and Joe's wedding earlier in the year.

This morning we went into town and on the way home, driving down Snee Rd, we passed a huge stock truck which flicked a big stone up from it's wheel and completely smashed the driver's side window. Glass shattered all over Marty and all through the car. Luckily the window was shut at the time or Marty may have been killed!

I really should be out in the garden doing something but I have had such a lazy weekend that it's hard to find the motivation. We've finally got a whole lot of seeds sown in the greenhouse and most of them have germinated. The bloody mice dug up the first lot do we've had to encapsulate them in frost cloth until they are big enough to fend for themselves. We may have jumped the gun on things like zucchinis and cucumbers but we'll wait and see.

This winter has been so mild it's a bit scary. I'm worried that it will be like last year when winter was REALLY late and it snowed in October and we had a frost on Christmas Eve. That was not cool. Fingers crossed that winter is almost over.

Anyway, need food.


K x

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