Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flight of Piwakawaka - part 2

I've just returned from hanging out with the Kais again. They are more settled but we're still a long way off actually catching them. We've started giving them some hard feed but they don't seem particularly interested in it at the moment. It may be because of the buckets although they have had a good sniff of them and still aren't impressed. Maybe we just need Brother in there to show them how it is done.

The plans for getting Piwaka home have changed a bit again. Originally it was going to be on a float but I think we're planning on getting her friendly enough to catch and then lead her down the road. Easier said than done. First we need to get the other 2 into a different area of the yards and introduce Piwaka to Brother. it is then Brother's responsibility to keep her company and to teach her to trust us.

Anyway, Piwaka is the woolliest horse I have ever seen. You could almost plait her fur it is so long. I guess it's a good thing as she is quite skinny and it has been raining and cold for the last few days. When I saw them yesterday they were all huddled together, shivering. Poor horsies. The sooner Piwaka is back here, the better

Because of the weather recently their yard has turned into a quagmire of crap. They have very muddy feet and tails and it looks like the sogginess is getting to the big mare. She's very sensitive on her feet. It also may be because there are a few stones now concealed under the mud.

Piwaka is still the shiest of them all and prefers to use the other 2 as equine shields. So most of the time we can only see her like this....

The big mare is very pretty. She's heading to a new home in Eketahuna....

The fate of the colt and his banished friend is undecided at this stage. We're waiting to hear back from the guy who was supposed to pick them up months ago....

I saw this little dude getting quite excited about Piwaka which only makes me think that she could be pregnant. That will be the next hurdle. I hope she's not but if she is we'll have to just deal with it.

Ok, everyone else needs to be fed now and I'll take some hay down to these guys as well. I don't want Piwaka to lose anymore weight at this stage.


K :)

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