Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pictures of Piwaka - finally!

For some reason the website won't let me delete this image from this position so it will have to stay here. It is of us getting rid of the pool. Thank god it is gone. It looks so much better now!

A few photos of Piwaka from earlier today...

Piwaka in the middle


Piwaka on the left.

Well, we still haven't got Piwaka back to our house. There was a bit of a mishap the first day we tried. Our aim was to get them into the yards in the corner of the paddock and then get her onto a float and back to our place that way. But just as we were about to get them in, the kids stood up on the yards and the horses took off (two of them, including Piwaka, went straight through a barb-wire fence). After that it was a bit of a lost cause. The horses decided that the yards were the scariest place on earth and wouldn't go anywhere near them.

6 hours later we were still chasing them around but it was just getting worse and worse. So we decided to leave it for that day. 3 months later and we're trying a new method.... we've made their paddock much smaller and every few days we go and move the fence line towards them even more in the hope that they will eventually not be scared of the yards and will happily go in their themselves. We're slowly moving their water further into the yards and they've finally started to eat hay which we've also put in the yards. They weren't interested in the hay at all in the past because there was so much grass in the paddock and they don't trust us at all!

I went and sat with them in the paddock this morning. They weren't very happy at first but the colt thought he might get a closer look at this strange being on his turf. Piwaka and the other mare reluctantly followed. They were nowhere near me but at least they thought about it. It's a start!

Spring feels like it has sprung early this year (touch wood!). Little dorper lambs with black heads and bums have arrived in the paddock across the road and daffodils are almost in bloom.

Ages ago we dug out a pond where the old, awful "swimming pool" was and it looks so much better. We moved all the daffodils from the middle of the lawn to the pond area and have replanted them all along the fence line so once they are flowering it should look great.

The pigs are growing slowly. I thought they would be bigger than they are by now but it's probably a good thing as they're pretty strong and demanding around food time.

Tigger is learning a lot at the moment. We have a guy, Mike, helping us out with her training. She's doing really well but if she get pushed too far she holds her breath which is a bit odd. Hopefully she'll grow out of that habit.

I took Dino for a ride yesterday, albeit a very short one. He was pretty good but Brother wasn't happy being without him so galloped around the paddock being a nuisance.

Token shot of the dog

The pond

Marty playing with the torch in the fog.

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