Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ever expanding responsibilities... I love it!

Well, Mono's brother arrived at the SPCA on Sunday and we declined fostering him. But on Monday we went in to adopt Mono and saw him, a little 'black' lab that really is almost chocolate. He was on his own at the SPCA and not very happy so we ended up leaving with him as well and still not adopting Mono due to the fact that he had to registered int he pound for at least 7 days before being put up for adoption. His 7 days are up tomorrow so on my way to work I will go and fully adopt him. Beetle, as we have named his brother, will unfortunately be going back to the SPCA on Friday and there is a person looking at adopting him. I hope he finds a nice home.

They had their first vaccination on Monday and Mono has been booked in for puppy pre school next week where he will learn a few manners.

When I arrived home this evening, just in time for Home and Away, Marty announced that Fungus had given birth to a tiny little kid. Such a cutie. Unfortunately she doesn't seem tobe feeding it so we may have another orphan on our hands. But if little kiddie hasn't had any colostrum from Fungus it has a slim chance of survival. Here's hoping. So gorgeous and as yet unnamed. Suggestions welcome....

Meanwhile, we are still looking after Bella who is slightly jealous of the new pups and has put them in their place a few times. But she still manages to get a bit of play time in

But it is almost time for the mass feeding of everyone so I better head off. Gizmo is not very well so she's getting some yummy acidophilus yoghurt in her feed for the next few days to try and balance out the bad bacteria with good bacteria (just like ont he ad :)

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