Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Musjeteers and a Monito

This afternoon I got a call from the SPCA in Waipukurau asking if we'd like to foster a 6 week old black lab pup. Of course I couldn't say no so now he is with us, infested with roundworms, and thinking he is in 7th heaven. We called him Mono and he thinks Spencer makes a fabulous chew toy and is purely in the house for his amusement. And Bella thinks the same of Mono. So our house in mayhem in the best form.
Spencer had her first introduction to Marley and Gizmo this morning. Marley is quite perturbed at now having to share her attention with 2 other woollies and gave me the cold shoulder for a while. She bunted Spencer out of the way a couple of times to keep her in her place but I'm sure once she joins the clan full time she will settle down.

She is such a cutie and even with in the last 2 days she has grown and livened up. Yesterday she could hardly walk but today she has been bounding all over the place and is less happy about sleeping in a box. She will probably eat her way out tonight.

Anyway, time to try and get little ones to sleep. Mono has just got his second wind and looks in no mood to sleep. Let the games begin...

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