Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The tiniest lamb ever

We have now acquired our third little lambie. She is completley white and miniscule. She is 2 days old and such a cutie. Every time I pick her up she tries to suckle on my chin, ears or nose and is constantly wagging her tail. Her name is Spencer. She's staying inside at the moment but will soon go and join the bigguns, Marley and Gizmo, in the paddock. She's being fed every 2 hours so there's a bit of work involved at the moment!

Our mushrooms are awesome and we ate the first of them last night. Beautiful, soft, flavoursome mushrooms as fresh as they come. It is so exciting that things are starting to produce and our shopping will come down in price.

Also, yesterday I ate the first cherry off one of our trees. It probably could have done with a few more days of ripening but it was great nonetheless.
The huhu bugs have arrived. 4 were crashing around on the deck last night. And of course they landed on me. They hone in on anyone within 100m and make a beeline for their head. Ugh. Not happy. They are so solid and creepy.
Renata, Brian and Stu are here at the moment. They went to watch the golf at Cape Kidnappers yesterday and had beautiful weather for it (Marty worked and got horribly sunburnt in a perfect singlet pattern so he is a true farmer now... just need the sock tan lines to complete the transformation). They are heading back to Wellington today and we are looking after Bella for the next 2 weeks while Renata and Brian go on a cruise in celebration of Brian's retirement.
Anyway, I better go but I will write more later.
K :)

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anna said...

So sweet- can't wait to do a bit of cuddling. The Mushrooms look very succulent although not mushroom for many more to come through!

Working on dates to get there - so busy in office - everyone panicking.........All my love Mum