Thursday, March 29, 2012


So, after the last couple of posts I feel I should update on a few things. We got Rex back from the taxidermist...

He is now sitting proudly on top of the piano. When I picked him up I also needed to go to the mechanics. I should have done the mechanics first because when I did get there I had to ask them to be careful when taking the car for a drive because of my pheasant in the boot. They looked at me very oddly but when I returned Rex was still intact. Thanks guys :)

Last weekend Jen came to visit and I managed to rope her into helping me load Tigger onto the float to take her up to Napier. I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own so she was a great help even though we were both petrified and suffering from severe disaster vertigo throughout the experience. Tigger is pretty sweet. Not much phases her but she definitely tried a few sneaky tricks.

Once we had finally loaded her and jumped into the car, shaking uncontrollably, we just drove. We didn't want to stop for anything and I was praying that we had enough petrol to get to Napier. Jen was on 'ear checks' every 10 seconds to make sure that Tigger was still standing. She was swaying about all over the place and I could feel the drag on the car whenever she pulled backwards which made my heart race to my mouth thinking she may somehow push the ramp down and fall out (highly unlikely but this is the nature of disaster vertigo).

Halfway to our destination Jen suddenly said, "I can't see her ears". I almost died. This went on for quite a while and still her head didn't come up. We were on the motorway with nowhere to pull over and check on her so we had no choice but to keep driving until we had a clear space to stop. It was a while later, still no ears, and we managed to pull over on the side of the motorway with cars and trucks whizzing past. We looked in the window and Tigger had her head stuck under the front bar of the float and she had slipped her halter off somehow without breaking or undoing any of it. I have no idea how she did it but she was looking a bit confused when we opened the door and release her head. She actually didn't seem that fussed by it all by this point, it was more Jen and I that were trembling with anxiety. So we fixed her up, tied her with a very short rope and continued on our way, slightly relieved in the fact that she was coping well.

We got her to Bonnie's where Tigger was overjoyed with new smells and new friends. She and Bengali hit it off but there is a big mare in the paddock who is definitely the top dog. She gave Tigger a few deathly looks and a couple of charges but hopefully Tigger won't be so stupid as to taunt her (although I'm not holding my breath).

Jen and I left after a while to head down to Sanctuary Sounds Op-Shop Fashion Parade where Marty was playing music and modelling. We were both exhausted from our 2 hour adrenaline rush so we pulled up, watched Marty do his modelling (complete with moonwalk which he had been practicing in the kitchen for a week), had some food and then took off home.

A few days later Bonnie posted some photos of Tigger's progress. Her first ride.....

She looks so happy. I am ecstatic! I'm so proud of her and so thankful that Bonnie is breaking her in. I was so impressed with the way she handled Bengali and how he has turned out that I couldn't have sent her to a better person. Yay! Now just to find someone to ride her once she is broken in.

The cat has finally settled in - 3 months later - and is happily wandering outside of his own accord. No more forcing him outside only for him to run around the corner and straight back in the window. Hes put on heaps of weight and, as Marty said, is looking like a normal, healthy cat. You'd never know he was 17 years old. Although he still gives me this sad, slightly deranged look quite often....

Marty, dog and I are heading up to Mahia for the weekend. We were going to do the whole East Cape but the weather (the bloody weather) is not looking great and also we're a bit short of moolah so we decided on just the weekend. It's our 11 year anniversary tomorrow. Ridiculous. So, seeing as we both forgot our 10 yr we thought we should make the most of this year. Hopefully we'll be able to do some fishing and just spend some time together. The dog will hate the trip but love it when we get there. He will probably sit like this in the car....

He's quite strange. He has no idea he is a dog. He thinks he's people.

Anyway, I need to go and pack.


Kerry :)


anna said...

Your description of Tigger and the float brough back alarming memories of Hogan and the float.....My tummy was in a knot for most of the time we had horses......enjoyed the account and pleased you and Jen are in one piece still. Love Mum

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