Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just another rainy afternoon.

It's still raining. Of course. And now the wind has joined the party. Wonderful.

Work has been very quiet recently so I have been playing housewife while Marty works. Obviously I am bored because I have been cleaning incessantly and tidying things that have never been tidied before. It appears that we never, ever need to buy body lotion, shampoo or soap ever again.

Also, I have become completely addicted to and have been ogling over all sorts or crafty/edible/useful ideas. We now need to have parties for every occasion because I want to make fun food for all of them. Particularly Strawberry Santas and Apple and Marshmallow Smiles but there are many, many more.

Along with food I have also come across some cute things that are simple to make like these bookmarks....

And I have also made (and when I say 'made' I mean 'bought and painted') a necklace holder out of an old rake head. I painted it yesterday and bought a rust-killing paint that I thought was a matte grey but it turns out to be silver which I am not so happy about. I am going to have to now put another coat on in a different colour because now it just looks like a new rake which is not the look I was going for. I am quite excited about it though. I can't wait to get it up on the wall and to hang stuff from it. Oh the simple pleasures!

Piwaka is still lame (to be expected, I guess) but seems to be doing ok. The vet thinks the wound looks fairly good and now it is just going to be a month or so until it's healed. It's a terrible place for a cut because it is constantly moving so she keeps tearing the scab open. Yuck.

Tigger is going up to Napier soon to be broken in. She has been super cheeky recently so the breaking couldn't have come at a better time. She definitely needs to learn a few manners. Hopefully, once she's back, I'll be able to send her to a family down the road who do a lot of mounted games so she can get a few miles under her belt before I decide whether I sell her or lease her out. I think she would be perfect for games seeing as she is not really scared of anything. Her gangly legs may be an issue but hopefully one day she will grow into them.

Anyway, I think I am going to make some zucchini choc-chip muffins because we are, once again, overrun with zucchini. Then I am going to freeze them (and by 'freeze' I mean 'eat them all at once on my own'). I have no self-control.

And it's time to light the fire. Again. It is officially autumn now though. So long, 'summer'. It hasn't been fun.


Kerry :)

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anna said...

I'm very impressed with the size of the deer......What if it rains when hanging in a tree? Also loved story about the pheasant stuffing. Love Anna