Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inundated with cheese

We arrived home today with enough cheese and the like to feed an army. I have managed to use almost a quarter of the mozzarella in a lasagne and we had some ricotta and feta and butter for lunch but we are going to have to get creative with the cheese usage in order to get through it all!

We started this morning by putting the feta and baby gouda in brine. The feta was in there for 15 mins and the gouda for 3 hours. We also quartered the mozzarella and put it in the fridge until we had finished. It's amazing how many different things we have made from one batch of milk.

L-R: Feta, ricotta and mozzarella

Baby gouda in brine.

The ricotta was packaged into a pottle and put in the fridge along with the feta and off we went for some spectacular brownies and coffee.

When we returned we were given some pre made sour cream (we also got some sour cream of our own from the culture we made... nom nom) and this was spooned into jars which we shook vigorously to the beat of the double bass until it separated and became butter and buttermilk - a surprisingly short time actually.

Yum sour cream

Anna and Renata dancing a jig.

After about 7 minutes we had made butter. It needed a bit of a rinse and a squash to remove any excess liquid and then it was all done....

The only thing left to do was to remove the gouda from the brine, give it a pat dry and wrap it in gladwrap until we got home...

The gouda needs to be left for 3 weeks being turned each day and wiped and then we can eat it. The rest of the stuff we can and have been eating straight away. The mozzarella in the lasange was great, the feta and ricotta at lunch was awesome and the buttermilk is due to be made into pancakes tomorrow morning. I'm so glad to have a new skill!


K :)

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