Sunday, August 7, 2011

The highs and lows of rural life

It snowed a week or so ago when that really cold snap hit NZ. I was in Wellington so missed it - typical! But Marty thankfully took some photos. Here is a pretty one...

And then last night we had a small smattering of snow again but not enough to do anything exciting with. Not like 2 years ago when we went skiing in the paddock next door. And by skiing I mean that I sat on a 50km/h sign and slowly bottom-shuffled my way down a hill. But after the snow last night the sky cleared and has set us up for a beautiful (but incredibly windy day)...

DOUBLE RAINBOW... WHOA! ALL THE WAY! (Trust me it is a double rainbow)

And after that beautiful sight I came back to the warmth of the fire to find the dog sniffing an empty box intently. He wouldn't leave it alone so I went over and picked it up and got spiked by this enormous tree weta. She was not happy that I had disturbed her sleep...

Luckily my finger hasn't rotted off just yet. If it does it may be hard to continue the blog. Maybe I will have a scribe like AA Gill. I think I would like that.

I need coffee.

Kerry :)

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