Monday, December 13, 2010


Dino was amazing! So well behaved and he learned so much over the weekend. We floated him for the first time (so far he's only been on trucks) and he walked straight up the ramp every time. He had his first experience on an obstacle bridge and he had his first experience of being around so many other horses. We came away with 8 placings (which is not that amazing as there weren't many people in the classes but we got mainly 3rd and 4th with one 5th place so really can't complain! He is madly in love with Alison's horse, Lance, and had a few tantrums if they weren't right next to each other (in fact that was the reason we came 4th in one of the classes - if Lance hadn't been behind us he would have stood still like he was supposed to and we would have done better!). But over all he was amazing and I am so proud of him. We will definitely be going to more little ribbon days! Anyway, here are some photos....

Reining, my favourite. We got 3rd :)

Hi first attempt at the obstacle bridge was not so good

But he got more confident

And then he couldn't have cared less. He is so cool :)

His pretty plait that got lots of comments

There was a dog show on at the same time so there were ridiculously pouffed dogs everywhere

Horsemanship class - we got 3rd :)

Warming up/calming down for a class

Ok, so happy. We are both buggered today though. Time for a good rest. Dog is harrassing me so better go.


K :)

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