Saturday, February 14, 2009

2009 aka Busy

This year is going to be monumental! Not only have I decided to start eventing again but I have also enrolled to start a diploma in vet nursing (and then on to a bachelor of vet science, all things going to plan). And still work as an interpreter and keep the farm going as well. I will have to take a page out of my mother's book and learn to love never-ending activity.

Last weekend we headed to the capital for a bit of fun in the sun (and wind). The moment we arrived we stocked up with supplies and spent a lovely afternoon in the gardens and then back to Upland Rd. There was much dancing, poker and general fun had to the detriment of my liver possibly.

On Saturday we of the hungover species headed to Maranui for breakfast and some more wind. The enormous breakfast was maybe not wise in such a fragile state but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It was also Renata's birthday that day so went up to Wadestown for the afternon and for dinner. A nap sorted me out while the boys watched the rugby. Irena and Michael came over for dinner as well and it was a lovely night all round.
When we got back to the farm it seemed as though we'd been away for weeks! Somehow, once again, all the plants had tripled in size and there was a red tinged tomato on one of our 'cherry tomatoes'. We have since eaten it and it was super yum. And we had 2 ears of corn which were delicious as well. Now I am worried about the tomatoes because I know as soon as one ripens all the others will follow at great speed and we will be overrun with the buggers. I shouldn't say that as it is actually all my fault for planting so many in the first place. But still... buggers they will be.
Our chillies are doing really well. We picked the first of our sweet banana chillies and the wildfire are days away from being ripe. I think we will dry most of them to keep for later use.
This weekend Mum and Richard are up and there has been a massive effort put in around the Solomon Seals. There is a walkway being constructed and views are being developed around the garden. As Mum and I wandered around to look at the fig tree earlier I saw something jump and plop into the water. It was a frog! his name, of course, is Kermit. He is awesome! Who knows where he's come from but he is here and that is all that matters. I will get some more tadpoles so we can keep the frog population going. I'm not sure how he'll fare during the icy winters up here but he's obviously survived so far so I'll leave him to it.
Anyway, we have just watched the Hurricanes lose to the Waratahs and it was quite disappointing. The Super 14 is off to a bad start. Grrr...
Ok, chau,
K :)

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anna said...

Kermit looks beautiful. Your year is going to be busy - Sheila asked when will they fit in babies! Just visited Mohammed anad Nagham and new baby today - Demma born two days before Christmas to parents from babylon......Hope you slept well last night......xxxx Mum